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A CARMIX is an onsite, mobile, self-loading, 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering, ready-mix truck and batching plant all built into one unit. A CARMIX unit can produce and distribute fresh concrete right on the job site, whether it be remote areas, confined city streets or the mountainous, muddiest, rugged terrain. It has a front bucket that loads the aggregates, such as sand and stone, into the drum. This is done by driving into the sand or stone pile, then lifting the bucket up to the drum.
The operator uses a lever to open the hydraulic gate, controlling materials flowing into the drum.
As an option, an electronic weighting system and printer is available, The weighing scales monitor is at the operator's convenience to certify 100% quality concrete is produced.

There are several options in which to load the powder (Portland). One of the options is to have a silo on site for the Portland. Another options is to load the Portland into the bucket using bags. Inside the bucket. there is a blade to permit the breaking of the Portland bags, with minimal effort. Then the bucket is lifted to the mixing drum and the operator opens the gate to allow Portland to flow into the drum to be mixed with the aggregates and water.

The CARMIX 's water pump has the ability to draw water from any water source available (ponds, Lakes, rivers, water containers, etc.) to its water tank. From its tank, the water is pumped through the flow meter, making sure the right amount of water is added, to the drum. Once in the drum, aggregates, Portland and water are perfectly mixed together producing quality,engineered concrete.

It is easy to operate and cost efficient to produce and distribute fresh concrete for mining, industrial complexes, shopping plazas, office buildings, warehouses, and residential homes for applications such as footings,
poured foundations, floors, sidewalks, driveways, curbs, patios, pools, etc.
There is always a CARMIX unit that can do the job.
Depending on the site conditions and which CARMIX models used, they can produce and pour from a few meters to your most desired amount of concrete per day. For example, on CARMIX 3.5 unit can produce 90 plus meters of concrete in an 8-hour day.